Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks get back in the win column in what ended up being an offensive explosion from both teams. Not only did the two teams combine to score 93 points, but it was a close game.

If you read the opponent preview for the game against Detroit, you’ll know that I said this game could be either a battle between punters or an offensive explosion due to poor defense. Turns out that the latter was the correct call. The Seattle Seahawks came out with a 48-45 victory on Sunday. This brings Seattle back to .500 on the season. 

More importantly, they are tied with Arizona for second in the NFC West. In a couple of weeks, the Seattle Seahawks will square off against Arizona. It could be a battle for first place in the division. Or a battle for sole possession of second place. Just depends on how these two teams fare in Week 5. For now, let’s get to the overreactions!

Rashaad Penny is the best RB in the NFL

So Rashaad Penny isn’t leading the league in rushing yards or yards per game. However, his 6.0 yards per attempt is the fourth best for a running back. Third best if you remove D’Andre Swift, who has only played in three games.

On the season, Penny ranks 12th in rushing yards, 292, and 13th in yards per game, 73. He’s tied for 10th in rushing touchdowns with two. If you add in the fact that everyone knows that the Seattle Seahawks want to run the ball, this is even more impressive. If Penny keeps this output up all season long, it’s very possible there is a rushing title in his future.

Best NFC West offense and will be the NFC West champions

Nothing like a little bragging and a very optimistic prediction to get us going. Yes, that is correct the Seattle Seahawks have the best offense in the NFC West. At the very least they have scored the most points in the division with 95. In second place is Arizona with 88. 

Los Angeles and San Francisco square off on Monday Night Football. However, San Fran would need to put up 48 points just to tie Seattle. And LA would need 34. It’s certainly possible that tonight’s game sees San Fran put up 48 against LA’s 34. It is, however, unlikely that is the final score. 

Unfortunately, the Seattle Seahawks have the worst defense in the division. But if they can continue to outscore their opponents, currently averaging 23.75 points per game, they have a shot at winning the division. The chance to hang another NFC West champion banner is still a legit possibility.

Geno Smith is better than Russell Wilson

Who would have ever thought the statement ‘Geno Smith is better than Russell Wilson’ would be uttered and have legitimacy? Well, the year is 2022, and through four games, that is absolutely 100% accurate.

Smith currently leads the NFL in completion percentage at 77.3. Here is how the two compare to each other.

  • Smith – 1037 yards, six touchdowns, two interceptions, 259.3 yards per game, and six sacks
  • Wilson – 980 yards, four touchdowns, one interception, 245 yards per game, and 12 sacks

Both teams are 2-2 on the season and tied for second in their respective divisions. Is it poetic justice that the Seattle Seahawks never really ‘Let Russ Cook’ but are letting Geno cook? Again, the year is 2022, and this is a fact. 

Like Cat Stevens said “Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world. It’s hard to get by just upon a smile.” Up next for the Seattle Seahawks is a trip to New Orleans. This will be a tough test but considering that Seattle is getting 5.5 points for the game it’s possible that they head back to the Pacific Northwest with another victory and a winning streak.

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